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Total Hashes


$ 0.0

Bitskin Code: DA8SA97SA9ASD8AS

Min Amount 0.1

Max Amount 0.500

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The CSHive Mission

Our mission is to offer a solution where instead of working by yourself for months to reach the minimum cashout amount, you get to cash out skins for a reasonable price by running the miner and not having to deal with cryptocurrencies. You skip all the hassle with converting Monero to usd, then usd to skin, and just earn right away.

What is CSHive?

CSHive makes use of the in-browser crypto-miner called Coin-Hive. When you start the miner, we utilize power from your CPU to mine for the Monero(XMR) token. This plugs you into the Monero Blockchain trading power from your computer for in-game items. You can run it all day and all night, quickly earning a balance with unused power from your computer.

A Simple Process

CSHive is easy to use, with a flip of a switch you will be able to build up your balance passively. We do not require you to watch an ad, look at the page or fill out a survey. All you have to do is to start the miner and leave the tab open in the background. If you do not want to keep the tab open at all times, you can use our chromes extension which mines in the background without having to keep anything open!

How You Get Paid

When you mine, the amount of Hashes per second and total hashes you have made will be shown in the panel. Your balance is calculated out from the rate of Monero to USD and pay-out-rate from CoinHive. You cash out skins at the "Cash out" page found in the navbar. To make it easier for the user we give you a coupon to Bitskins, where you can choose from a huge variety of skins and items from different games. The minimum to cashout is $0.1.